Food Industry

A Fish Processing company in British Columbia required an evisceration system for the removal of fish waste at their factory. Premier Fluid Systems in conjunction with our local distributor, designed a bespoke vacuum and discharge system to collect the fish entrails on a continuous basis to eliminate any production down time.  The Travaini TRVX 657 single stage oil sealed vacuum pump with 20HP motor was incorporated as a vacuum and compressor unit utilizing specially designed holding tanks, two 3-way valves and pneumatically operated knife gate valves. The mode of operation includes one tank filling with the waste and once topped to a predetermined level, the controls switch to discharge this tank, while the empty tank is then brought into service to continue the removal of waste uninterrupted.  This sequence is then repeated through the production time thereby eliminating any need to shut down and flush out the tanks.  The vacuum pump/compressor is protected by two inlet filters, one for liquids & one for solids and utilizes outside air to manually purge the tanks as needed.   The system continues to operate successfully.  This style of system is suitable for use in various types of meat and fish processing applications.  For further information regarding this package or for design of a system suitable for your specific application, please click on the “Contact Us” button below.

Food industry pump