Vacuum PumpsWhile you may have heard about vacuum pumps, you probably still have a ton of questions. For instance, you’ll likely want to know about the order of operations, maintenance, and even vacuum pump repair. Regardless of what you end up needing, you’ll find that this equipment is an incredible option.

Remember, the most important decision you make when buying this equipment is to work with a company that specializes in vacuum pumps in Canada. That’ll give you a much broader selection of powerful, reliable, and safe pumps, all competitively priced.

Types of Vacuum Pumps

For a better understanding of what this equipment is, consider a few of its types.

  • Positive Displacement – For a pump that creates low vacuum levels, this is a great choice. This pump has a cavity that expands, which allows gasses to flow out of a chamber. The primary function is to create a vacuum by expanding the container’s size. Especially for creating a vacuum in a confined area, this line of vacuum pumps is ideal. On a side note, when searching for information, you’ll find some under liquid ring vacuum pumps, as well since this is what displacement pumps are.
  • Momentum Transfer –With this vacuum pump, gas molecules accelerate from the vacuum side to the exhaust side. What makes this particular pump so unique is that matter flows differently according to the pressure.
  • Dry – Dry vacuum pumps are made for more challenging applications. They are commonly used by companies in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Compared to other types of pumps, this one, with a short pitch rotary screw, requires little maintenance or vacuum pump repair.
  • DVV Dry Vane – For a pump that doesn’t use oil but is still highly reliable, powerful, quiet, and cost-efficient, you can’t beat the DVV dry vane type. Not only is this pump ideal for continuous use, but it also requires very little maintenance.
  • Rotary Vane – These vacuum pumps use air to keep them cool as opposed to a cooling liquid. They also recirculate oil automatically using differential pressure. Most customers can run this particular type of pump for more than 30,000 working hours before needing maintenance or vacuum pump repair.
  • TRM (Monoblock LRVP) – As another type of liquid ring pump, this single-stage design mounts directly on top of the motor shaft. If you need a pump that can produce medium to high volume, this deserves serious consideration.
  • TRS (Single-stage LRVP) – When talking to a rep from a trusted company about a vacuum pump for your business in Canada, you’ll discover that Travaini is one of the top choices. This single-stage pump has well-greased and extremely located bearings.
  • TRV (Vari-ported Liquid Ring) – TRV vacuum pumps can handle high volumes of liquids, vapors, and condensations without any negative effect on performance or reliability.
  • TRVX (Vari-Ported LRVP) – You can use this single-stage liquid ring pump as a bare shaft or combine it with electric motors.

We Offer Diversity

For a broad range of superior quality vacuum pumps, you can count on us at PFS Pumps. Give us a call, and we’ll help you find the type of pump for your specific application.