EU 205 & 300 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

As a displacement type of device, the rotary vane vacuum pump consists of a housing, an eccentrically installed rotor, an inlet and outlet, and vanes, which under centrifugal and resilient forces move radically. Often referred to simply as rotary pumps, they serve important functions in a variety of industries.

For completing operations, many industries depend on the power of rotary vacuum pumps. Due to their versatility, these pumps provide benefits for unique situations. For that reason, different professionals use them in multiple fields. Working on a concept of positive displacement, the three industries that utilize them the most are the commercial, industrial, and automotive sectors, although there are others.

Especially for the automotive and industrial sectors, rotary vane vacuum pumps are the most advantageous of all pumps. Consider the automotive industry as a perfect example. With these pumps, automakers can make different products that allow movement of fluids, including automatic transmissions, brakes, power steering systems, and more. In fact, even the aviation industry relies on rotary pumps for various aspects of airplanes.

In addition, it is common to find rotary pumps in beverage processing machines. These pumps are incorporated into dispensing machines for soft drinks, coffee, and espresso. Sometimes, these pumps help air conditioning units operate. As a type of vacuum pump, they also have applications in laboratories where higher vacuum to 0.001 Torr is required.

Although rotary vacuum pumps commonly pump oil, they can also be used to pump oil, gas, and other liquids, or run dry with clean air. In basic terms, these pumps use positive displacement to move the liquid medium that passes through the housing. Then, a set of slotted vanes with a rotor within the housing rotates. The resulting spinning action forces other internal components to work that, in turn, move the liquid substance.

Primary Benefits

As you can imagine, these pumps offer a host of advantages. Some examples include the following:

  • Higher vacuum over 29.9” Hg.V with Oil lubricated rotary vane pumps
  • Some with Oil-free or DRY operation
  • Quiet and cool operation
  • Long life
  • Inlet and discharge filters to protect the pump and the environment
  • Environment-friendly
  • Minimal maintenance required if instructions are followed
  • Continuous duty rated

Choosing the Right Pump

Remember, when you work with a trusted manufacturer, you do not have to rely on guesswork. Instead, an expert will discuss your specifications and then help you select the appropriate device. Fortunately, with professional assistance, there is no reason to feel overwhelmed during the selection process.

Superior Quality Pumps

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