vacuum pump repaircentrifugal vacuum pump may be using too much energy. Being able to troubleshoot the potential reasons why will help your company save money in the long run.

Wrong Pump Size

If your pump is either too large or too small, you may find that it uses too much energy. A too-small pump will struggle to keep up with the demands your facility places on it. You may also need to replace it sooner after wearing out.
On the other hand, your facility may not be using a too-large pump to its fullest capabilities. This can cause the excess energy to go to waste. Using a pump of the correct size can help you avoid wasting energy.

Improperly Adjusting Packing Gland

If you have overtightened the packing gland on your pump, your pump may not be efficient. However, the packing must leak a little to keep the seal area lubricated properly. When the area is not lubricated, the pump will have to work harder to keep up. Too-tight packing can also compress the shaft of the pump, which causes the shaft to drag.

To combat this problem, you should check to ensure that the installers properly set up the packing of the centrifugal pumps. You may need to ensure that enough drops are coming out in a certain amount of time.

Wrong Viscosity

You should ensure that the viscosity of the fluid in the pump is not too thick. It will take more energy if it is too thick because of the fluid resistance. You may need to resize your pump for your liquid’s viscosity.

Wrong Rotation

The pump may use more electricity if it is rotating in the opposite direction that it was intended. Most pump impellers are not designed to run the opposite direction, so the pump must work harder if it is rotating in the wrong direction. You can check the power of the drive unit and ensure that it is installed properly.

Turn to a Trusted Source for Liquid Handling Pumps

If your centrifugal vacuum pump is drawing too much electricity after this time, it may be time to consider getting a new one. The good news is that Premier Fluid Systems offers a range of high-quality pumps to fit all of your needs. We design our pumps to be highly energy-efficient while suiting many industrial appliances. Contact us today to learn more information.