rotary vane pumpEven the best vacuum pump that you can buy can become worn out over time. They are not perfect, and they can be tired out through the years of use. Even if you repair it regularly, your rotary vane vacuum pump might need replacement at some point.

Contaminated Oil in the Pump

Your rotary vacuum pumps should function easily and not cause you any issues. They should have great lubrication when you change the oil. But if you leave old oil in the machine, then the debris and fragments may damage the pump. If you have accidentally left dried or contaminated oil in the pump, then you will need to get a replacement unit as quickly as you can.

Having Consistent Downtime

An old pump may begin to break down more than usual. This is a red flag if there does not seem to be a determinable reason for the consistent downtime. You can have technicians to look at the pump and see the cause of the problem. They can help you decide if you should fix the pump or completely replace it.

In some cases, even though it is less expensive now to fix the pump, it can cost you more in the long run. If you pay to fix your rotary vacuum pumps now, you might still need to fix them again later. Or you could find yourself repeatedly spending on repairs.

Worn Out Vanes

Over time, the vanes of your rotary vane oil lubricated vacuum pumps will likely become worn out. This is inevitable, no matter the pump. With each use, the blades will become a little shorter. This is because of the higher amount of air pressure in using them. You could look for a vane replacement kit if this is the only issue. But if there are other problems, you may need a replacement.

Age of the Pump

Many machines, such as the rotary vane vacuum pump, have a limited life span. Their peak is at around five to 10 years. From the fifth year on, you may notice signs of aging, such as poor performance or slowdowns. If you’re approaching 10 years and you notice one of these signs, you might want to think twice about a simple repair. That can help prevent logistical nightmares.

Turn to a Trusted Source for Replacements

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