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When it comes to the design of new vacuum pumps or repairing an evaluating performance of an existing system, there are two key considerations. One is total gas load and the other pumping speed. These two considerations need to be analyzed separately and work independently when addressing system performance.

Important Considerations

  • Total Gas Load – It is imperative to know what the total gas load is from vacuum pumps. Typically, this is done by adding all separate and specific gas loads to include material outgassing, permeation rates, process load, chamber volume, surface area, and so on. With this, you have the ability to evaluate pumping requirements to meet gas loads with appropriate performance and speed.
  • Pumping Speed – The second consideration for vacuum pumps is pumping speed but also the effective speed at the chamber. These two things are usually different. Because the pump operates at molecular flow conditions with motion being random, length and diameter of the connection is greatly affected by a molecule traversing length of the valve and tube.

Different pumping speeds are used for various applications so it is important for a professional engineer to have this Vacuum Pumps information. If total gas load and/or pumping speed of vacuum pumps is not adequate, sometimes modifications are possible.

However, unless an engineer knows the actual effective pumping speed at the chamber, matching process gas loads or expected chamber loads would be extremely difficult. The professionals at Premier Fluid Systems understand all the intricate details of these pumps and have the expertise needed to provide maintenance and repair services if needed.

Ultimately, being able to have pumping speed match gas load is what increases the chance of a successful design. The professionals with Premier Fluids can also provide information pertaining to different brands of vacuum pumps and explain proper operation. As part of this, a number of factors are considered so the best brand is recommended.

Although vacuum pumps are used in a broad range of industries and for numerous applications, they are a major investment and used for big jobs where precision is mandatory. Therefore, taking the time to work with a reputable company to learn about total gas loads and pumping speeds among other things will make it easier for the right pump to be chosen.