There are many reasons why industrial users prefer using liquid ring vacuum pumps. For one thing, there are few vacuum pumps problems associated with this particular type, unlike other options. The liquid ring vacuum pump working principle is similar to that of a rotary vane pump. The one exception is that the vanes are a critical component of the rotor. The reason is that they rotate a ring of liquid, thereby forming a compression chamber seal.

A water ring vacuum pump is a two-stage liquid ring pump. In this case, the design includes a multi-blade impeller located on the shaft. This impeller is eccentrically positioned within a cylindrical housing only partially filled with some form of sealing liquid. As the shaft begins to turn, the centrifugal force generated by the impeller creates a liquid ring.

Key Advantages

Following are a few examples of the benefits offered to industrial users who rely on a liquid ring or water ring vacuum pump.

The pump is ideal for a variety of industries and applications, including consumer food services, pharmaceutical, agricultural, automotive, power plants, chemicals, environmental, aeronautical, mineral processing, liquid transfer systems, and more.

  • Completely reliable operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Simple yet highly functional structure
  • Easy processing
  • Compact design
  • Little wear and tear due to no metal friction with the pump cavity surface
  • Stable, reliable, and uniform results

Industry Applications

Liquid Ring Vacuum PumpsTo better understand the liquid ring vacuum pump working principle, consider pharmaceutical, water remediation, and food production applications. In the pharmaceutical industry, the pump works efficiently for vapor recovery, drying, and laboratory. However, it is also on production lines to provide house vacuum. For water remediation, a liquid ring type of pump extracts vapor from soil, especially during low soil transmissivity conditions in contaminated areas. Because of the soil’s low-vapor pressure, an enhanced vacuum is achieved. The food production industry also benefits from this type of pump. In this case, the pump is commonly used to remove water during the food production process.

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