Since multiple industries rely on centrifugal pumps, it has become the most in-demand pump type all over the world. However, the best pump manufacturers in Canada make design changes and improvements in response to what customers want and to keep up with ever-changing technology. Manufacturing companies also offer several types of centrifugal pumps to coordinate with all the different applications.

For a better understanding of how broad-reaching this type of pump has become, consider the following. Just remember, no matter the equipment you need, always work with a reputable pumps manufacturer to ensure you end up with a superior-quality product.

When classifying centrifugal pumps, there are orientations, stages, and even impeller designs to consider. Choosing the correct pump depends on several factors, including the construction, application, design, fluid being pumped, pressures and temperatures required, compliance, and service. Regardless, it is common for the same pumps manufacturer to offer all of them.


  • Radial Centrifugal Pumps – The design of these pumps facilitates an outward motion flow, which an impeller speeds up. Energy transfers to a chamber that allows the liquid to leave the pump in piping going downstream. The radial type pump comes in both a horizontal and vertical orientation. While both have unique advantages, a lot of companies prefer the horizontal option since access to the internal components is easier for performing maintenance and making repairs.
  • Axial Centrifugal Pumps – These pumps produce flow from the propelling motion of the impeller vanes, in other words, via a lifting effect.


  • Single Stage – This centrifugal pump has a single impeller. With its simple design, maintenance is a breeze. Typically, this particular type works best for low-pressure and large-flow-rate installations. For the most part, this pump services a low to moderate total dynamic head and high flow.
  • Two Stage – With two impellers that operate side-by-side, this centrifugal pump is best for medium head applications.
  • Multi-Stage – As the name implies, this pump has three or more impellers, making it ideal for high head service.

When talking about pump head, this consists of pressure as defined by the height to which a pump can lift or raise liquid.


There are even different impeller designs.

  • Single Suction – With a single-suction impeller, this pump makes it possible for liquid to enter the blades through just one side. Even with a relatively straightforward design, the impeller has more axial thrust imbalance due to the flow of liquid.
  • Double Suction – In this case, the centrifugal pump has a double-suction impeller, meaning the liquid enters from both sides of the blades. As such, it has a lower net positive suction head compared to the single-suction pump.
  • Vortex Open – Impeller of this type is capable of transferring oils and heat transfer fluids
  • Open impeller – used in self priming pumps often, the open impeller has a series of vanes attached to a central unit. This is done for the mounting on the shaft. An open impeller is less likely to get clogged and even if it does, it is easier to clean than a closed impeller type.
  • Semi-Closed – This type has a back wall that adds strength to the impeller. Semi-closed impellers are usually used with liquids that have solids. Reduced efficiency from a closed impeller with semi-closed impellers, but the ability to pass solids is an important trade-off.
  • Closed Impeller – Closed impellers are the most commonly used impellers in the industry since they can deal with volatile and explosive fluids.
    The closed impeller is initially really efficient, and are used primarily in larger pumps and can be used in applications that handle suspended-solid service.
    These types of impellers are commonly found in clear liquid applications. They don’t do well with solids and are difficult to clean if they become clogged.

With so many variables, it is essential that you rely on one of the best centrifugal pump manufacturers in Canada. Premier Fluid Systems (PFS) designs and produces top-quality products at competitive prices. Call today to learn more