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When it comes to centrifugal pumps, one of the most common types are end suction pumps. Usually, these pumps are single stage, highly effective, and cost-efficient. In addition to these pumps being made from various materials and available in different sizes, there are unique applications according to application.

Based on whether the customer needs a pump that involves water at ambient temperature, high pressure, abrasive slurries, corrosive chemicals, or high temperature viscous oils, the professionals at Premier Fluid Systems can assist. In addition to marketing top brand pumps, this company offers full-service repair and maintenance services.

In addition to having a single impeller, end suction pumps usually have a volute type casting. These pumps operate whenever pumped liquid increases velocity while moving along the impeller vanes. From there, the liquid goes into the volute casting where high velocity is converted to high pressure through a diffusion process.

In most cases, end suction pumps are driven by an A.C electric motor although you will find some D.C. motor pumps available as well. In addition to this, end suction pumps are available in diesel motor, gasoline engine, hydraulic motor, and steam turbine.

Two configurations of these pumps exist. The first is a close-coupled, which means the impeller attaches directly onto the driver shaft without the use of a separate coupling in between. The second is a frame-mounted pump that consists of a set of bearings and coupling that keeps the pump and motor separate.

The exact type of end suction pumps considered would depend on several factors to include budget, volume, and industry. However, these pumps come in several unique types to include commercial, industrial, and even residential. Because the pumps are competitively priced, you can work directly with a company like Premier Fluid Systems to purchase the appropriate system for your needs.

Most standard end suction pumps are close-coupled and made from iron or plastic. If the pump is being purchased for a heavy industrial application, it would be mounted on a bedplate along with a coupling to keep pump and motor separate. For this, the primary options include stainless steel, certain exotic alloys, and even durable plastics to resist corrosion.

Because there are so many variances, it is essential to work with a company like Premier Fluid Systems to ensure you purchase exactly what is needed for applications being processed. After purchasing a pump, the same company can provide both maintenance and repair services.