liquid ring vacuum pumpToday, liquid ring vacuum pumps are becoming more popular across various industries. You can also call this type of pump a liquid piston rotary pump because it uses liquid as a piston. Water is the most common choice of liquid for use in this pump. More companies are choosing to use a liquid ring vacuum pump because it works well, even in the harshest environments, and delivers sustainable productivity.

Design Advantages of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

As with most industrial types of pumps, liquid ring vacuum pumps provide many advantages for your facility because of their special design. There are three different types to choose from.

With the once-through system, the sealing liquid will only enter once. Then the pump moves the liquid to a separator vessel. Here, the pump separates the gas from the liquid. Then the pump drains away from the liquid. No liquid recirculation takes place in this type of system. The advantage of this system is that there are not much initial costs. If you have a less critical project, this might be a good choice for you.

With the partial recirculation system, the separator recirculates the liquid and discharges it from the pump. More water will enter the pump for recirculation. The amount of liquid that leaves is equal to the amount that enters. Although the specification of this liquid ring vacuum pump is a little more complex than a once-through system, it still doesn’t require much initial costs. It also uses less sealing liquid. If you have an application that requires a high level of seal-liquid conservation, this is an ideal type of liquid ring pump.

You might consider a total recirculation system if you want to use less sealing liquid. When you need high vapor or gas services, this is the liquid ring vacuum pump for you.

Advantages of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Various industries are relying more on liquid ring pumps, making them immensely popular. One benefit is that they do not need regular lubrication. That is because there is no metal-to-metal contact.

They are also suitable for many different applications. You can use them for compression and vacuum jobs. As these pumps can also compress gas, they can be used for air and ash handling, vacuum condensation and distillation, and moisture extraction. They are also effective for mineral beneficiation and separating water from paper pulp.

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