Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

More than any other time in history, businesses look for environmentally friendly solutions. This includes those interested in buying a rotary pump. If you’re among this group, instead of worrying about air discharge pollution, check out rotary vacuum pumps with an oil mist eliminator.

Whether you want to buy or currently use rotary vane vacuum pumps, you have the opportunity to prevent pollution with an oil mist eliminator. For a rotary pump, it’s imperative to have clean and unrestricted air on both the inlet and discharge. Even under extreme external conditions, having the proper filtration system in place helps stabilize the work environment.

Not only that but using an oil mist eliminator that fits properly ensures the equipment runs optimally and lasts for years. Thanks to advances in technology and materials, you can now choose an oil mist discharge filter specifically for the type of rotary vacuum pumps you use. Ultimately, that enhances the pump’s performance, extends its life, and dramatically reduces air pollution.

For rotary vane vacuum pumps, you want to know the particle size distribution and mass of oil aerosol it discharges. Keep in mind that every type of pump has unique characteristics in relation to oil discharge. For that reason, you need to select the appropriate media, one that effectively captures and drains the oil mist. Even the type of oil used matters.

To help identify the discharge characteristics of the rotary pump you use, you’ll need to consider several factors. These include the brand name, the oil’s grade and viscosity, and the lubricant base, whether synthetic, mineral, or something else. Also, determine the oil consumption when operating the pump under normal conditions. Typically, this equals the amount of discharged oil.

Something else to consider is the operating cycles of rotary vane vacuum pumps. This covers any temperature fluctuations, hours of operation by the day or week, and the vacuum range. You’ll also need to know of any contaminant vapors or gases as well as the maximum drop in pressure. All those things, combined with the pump’s normal capacity and outlet connection, play a role in which oil mist eliminator you need.

What it comes down to is that the more you know about a rotary pump, the better. That way, you can select the appropriate mist eliminator to help reduce or prevent air pollution within the workplace.

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