PFS PumpsThere are actually several industries that depend on the services of a ring water vacuum pump. Without it, operations would be impossible. This type of pump is designed to use the force of water. Over the years, technology has experienced tremendous progress when it comes to pumps, not only kinds but also functionalities.

HydrosysRegardless of the industry, the first step involves purchasing the right water ring vacuum pump, which is where Premier Fluid Systems comes into play. The company has years of experience in the business of marketing and servicing pumps, as well as total engineered systems for Travaini, PVR-Rotant and other high quality brands.

If your company currently uses a liquid ring vacuum pump in need of repair, Premier Fluid Systems has the expertise needed to get the business back in operation. The team of professionals fully understands how these pumps work but also the technology behind them. Because of this, work performed is exceptional.

With liquid ring vacuum pump, usually water is used to seal the vacuum chamber within the pump housing. In some instances when the vacuum is drying materials saturated with other chemicals a special sealing liquid may be used, which may actually be the byproduct of the industrial process itself.  Very often the use of light oils for liquid ring offer practical and economical alternatives. Let the experts at Premier Fluid Systems guide you in the proper and best solution for you requirements.

Industrial Uses

Because of the way a water vacuum pumps works there is virtually no maintenance required other than bearings and seals. A wide range of industries have been taking advantage of this technology for decades. For example, this type of pump is often used for industrial, pharmaceutical, chemical, laboratory and medical applications. Facilities commonly use some form of liquid pump primarily because of reliability, flexibility, high efficiency.

Some of the other industries that rely on the services of a liquid ring vacuum pump include:

  • Power Generation Plants – Depending on the application a pump of this kind is beneficial
  • Ethanol/Petro Chemical Refining – For ethanol production plants, liquid ring vacuum pumps are also used for evaporation, distillation, dehydration, fermentation, thin stillage, and dry corn milling applications.
  • Food and Beverage Processing – For long-term operation in sugar manufacturing and various beverage processing applications to include distillation, carbonation, fermentation, and crystallisation, among others, a water ring vacuum pump is required.
  • Mining – Filtration of mineral slurries depends on the rugged design of a water ring vacuum pump
  • Pulp and Paper – Another industry that uses a water ring vacuum pump has to do with the
  • Food industries – food processing where liquid and high vapor contents must be removed the water ring vacuum pump is the most effective with long trouble-free operation