When it comes to mining applications, the wrong pump can negatively affect the entire result. Handling slurry takes up about 15 percent of a typical ore concentrator’s budget. This is a significant number for the ore concentrator. Unfortunately, while slurry handling takes up a significant part of a company’s time, many companies do not spend enough time optimizing the way a slurry pump works.

When companies do not properly optimize the slurry and sludge pumps, the pumps might only operate at 10 percent of their total efficiency. Because these pumps are not operating at their highest possible efficiency, they are using more energy while doing less work. Poorly optimized pumps will also wear out faster, which can increase the operating costs for your company significantly. There are several ways that you can help your pumps be more efficient.

Proper Maintenance

Properly maintaining your sludge pump is an important part of making your pumps efficient. Many industries use cutting-edge technology in order to optimize the design of these types of pumps. By partially disassembling your pumps, you will be able to access the parts that most often wear out. This will help the pumps to operate better, saving the company money in the long run.

Your company should also schedule regular inspections of your slurry and sludge pumps during this maintenance. Your inspectors should look for any problems with the pumps. These problems can result in the pumps becoming less efficient and costing your company more money.

Industry Trends for the Slurry Pump

One of the trends now is for companies to use bigger slurry and sludge pumps. Using fewer bigger pumps can help companies further increase the efficiency of their mining applications. Larger processing plants are also more efficient than having smaller ones because everything will be in a central location.

Finally, many companies are working to make the motors on these types of pumps more efficient. While regular maintenance is important for keeping pumps in good condition if the motor itself is old and out of date, the pump will simply not be as efficient as possible.

Turn to a Trusted Source for a Sludge Pump

When it comes to increasing efficiency for your mining application, you may need to replace your pumps. Newer pumps tend to be more efficient than old pumps, and there is a limit to how many upgrades and maintenance you can do for your pumps.
When you need to replace your pumps, you can count on Premier Fluid Systems to provide you with pumps that run with the most optimal efficiency. We have specifically designed our pumps for this application. Contact us today to learn more.